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Southeast Florida Condo Property Taxes

Condo Property Taxes in Southeast Florida

Property taxes on a condo purchase can be estimated at about two percent of the purchase price. Each of the county property appraiser's websites have a "Property Tax Estimator". It usually comes out to a little less than two percent, but most real estate professionals use two percent as a rule of thumb with their customers .

Looking at what the present owner paid this past tax season might be a point of interest, but that should not be used to judge what the tax bill will be next year. At the time of sale, property taxes will be re-assessed for the next tax year. For the remainder of the year however, the new buyer will "inherit" the present tax base and exemptions (discounts) of the previous owner.

Per Florida Statutes, all property in the state is re-assessed every year with January 1st being the statutory date for determining the annual assessment. This means your present year assessment -- the amount used for your November tax bill -- is based on the qualified sales in your neighborhood from the previous year. Any change in value after January 1st will be reflected in the next year's assessment.

Foreign Buyers are NOT charged higher property taxes. There are exemptions (discounts) given to "Full-Time Residents", but everyone pays the same tax basis, regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign owners.

County Property Appraiser Offices

The County Property Appraiser's primary responsibility is to identify and appraise all real and tangible personal property within the County and the maintenance of all associated property tax records. This is where you would go to see the tax records and past sales information regarding a property of interest. They have a tax estimator on the site to assist you in estimating the tax of a future potential purchase. Click on the link above.

Broward County Property Appraiser: (954) 357-6830
Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser: (305) 375-4712
Palm Beach County Property Appraiser: (561) 355-2866